Children of the Light Home

Thrive Madagascar - Children of the Light Home

The issues

Some parents have children and realize too late that they cannot take care of them. Family situations can deteriorate through illness, injury and death, where the children become a burden that the adults cannot cope with. This is the sad reality for many children in the village of Ambohidenerana, in the commune of Soavinandriana in Madagascar.

There is virtually no support and assistance for these children, who beg at bus stops and alongside the road, scavenge at markets or fight for dumpsite food next to the stray dogs that also feed there. What is to happen to these children?

Thrive Madagascar’s solution

Thrive Madagascar has built a home in Ambohidenerana called CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT.

Chosen Servant Ministries Soavinandriana-project in Madagascar

CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT is run by a Malagasy couple along with other local people, who raise the children as an extension of their own family. As well as being fed and educated, the children grow up being individually loved, supported and encouraged to develop into well rounded adults. While they come from different backgrounds, they are shown how to live in harmony with others and their environment.

More help is needed

Beds are available for more children to be accommodated. All we need is more financial support

Can you invest a little today into a child’s tomorrow? Cost per child AUD $50 per month.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Three meals a day
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Basic medical care

As well as regular monthly sponsorship, one-off donations are also welcome. These help with building maintenance, purchase of clothing and furniture, and one day we may be able to take the children on a beach holiday to the coast!


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