The Living Centre

Thrive Madagascar - The Living Centre project

The issues

Manaritsoa, otherwise known as ‘The Complex’ is one of the poorest slum areas in in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. This community is so poor that kids sharing one plate of food once a day is a common occurrence –sometimes even without a plate.. Families numbering anything between three and fifteen individuals, occupy cramped, dilapidated shacks These ‘homes’ are next to canals so filthy from factories and homes upstream dumping their sewage and waste, and further used by the residents as a latrine because there are no sanitary facilities. Tap water is paid for and collected from communal taps. Cheap as the tap water is, it is often unaffordable for the residents who instead use the filthy canal water.

We want to bring practical solutions to these starving, struggling people.

Thrive Madagascar’s solution

The Living Centre was established to provide an oasis in the slums. Our key partner for this project is The Ark Cafe & Takeaway, without whose support this project would be impossible to continue.

Thrive Madagascar also provides daily breakfast for 40 of the poorest kids in the area and we could host up to 150 if there were more funds available.

The Living Centre also runs a range of vocational training programs including computing, English language classes, sewing and hairdressing. As alcohol abuse is a huge problem, we have recently started hosting regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well. Scripture and bible study classes are also held to provide spiritual nourishment to those who seek it.

More help is needed

We want to welcome more children in to be fed, and more adults to be trained. Your sponsorship can permanently and positively impact their lives as well as change Madagascar’s future.


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