Mummas off the Street

Thrive Madagascar Mummas off the Street project

The issues

Many Malagasy mothers live on the streets with their children. Most of them have been deserted by their husbands, rejected by families and left to survive as best they can from day to day.

These women have little or no formal education, few vocational skills, and yet they wake early each day with a desperate attempt to provide for their children.

Most of them would be lucky to receive a few scraps of food from begging and foraging. These women and children are in huge danger of abduction and sex trafficking.

Thrive Madagascar’s solution

The solution is to get those MUMMAS OFF THE STREET. If they do not get help now, their future will be at risk.

If their children are not educated, then the future of Madagascar is bleak. Our MUMMAS OFF THE STREET project identifies individuals who are willing to cooperate with a view to becoming independent and helping other women help themselves holistically. It is a slow process that requires funds and human resources.

More help is needed

Our MUMMAS OFF THE STREET project is integral to solving the ongoing poverty cycle in Madagascar.

Please help us educate those women so that their future and the future of their children may be filled with opportunities.


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