Emergency Relief Fund

Thrive Madagascar Emergency Relief Fund

The issues

The cost of medical and health care in Madagascar is out of reach for the majority of the population. Even the fees charged by government hospitals are too much for most.

The burden of debt caused by unaffordable medical expenses has caused many children to have to leave school to find work to repay the debt. In other tragic cases, a family breadwinner has died despite their medical treatment, leaving the family with a huge debt.

Thrive Madagascar’s solution

Thrive Madagascar has started an EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND to help its staff, the children in our care and others we encounter who are in desperate need of medical attention. We have helped pay medical bills of people whose conditions would have worsened or would have otherwise remained untreated and eventually led o death from treatable illnesses.

The Thrive Madagascar EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND aims to help those in the direst need after checking the merits of their situation. While every life is worth saving, in Madagascar at present, this is an impossible task. We put criteria in place to prioritise those who most need the help and where lives can be saved.

More help is needed

So many people need health care in Madagascar. You can help save or change someone’s life, and prevent children being denied education through family debt.

You can help a single mother stop agonising over whether to feed the family or get medical attention for the one child.

You can help make a real difference where lives are truly at stake. You may donate whenever we put out a call for specific help on our social media (click social media icons at the top right hand corner of this page) make monthly or one-off cash donations. As well, as well as funding specific cases, we want to build a reserve of funds available for emergencies and ongoing treatment needs.


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